Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Digital marketing still has the same goal: To get an audience’s attention and keep it. However, with the constant evolution of technology, the strategies and channels digital marketers use to do this are changing drastically. Here are some especially trending techs worth keeping an eye out for in 2019.

Voice Search

When discussing digital marketing trends for 2019 let’s speak about voice search.
While talking to your technology is still widely viewed as the first signs of insanity, the hugely helpful nature of this sci-fi-like tech is quickly becoming more accepted and utilised. Before we know it the day will come when we are web browsing to our heart’s content without ever touching a button or screen. Voice search tech’s multitasking attributes, perfectly compliment the fast-paced nature of our modern world, meeting the many needs of our everyday lives.

Many brands are already partnering with leading voice search tech Amazon Alexa, making smart use of this powerful tool to boost their businesses and stay relevant. Patron Tequila’s ‘Bot-Tender’ cleverly uses social media to suggest cocktail ideas and ingredients. Whirlpool home appliances are already able to wash, freeze and cook all according to your specific voice commands. And let’s not forget the famous Burger King voice activated ad campaign in which the brand activated Google Home devices across America through a cleverly scripted TV commercial.

AI-Powered Solutions

It’s not yet as sexy as Ava or as personable as the Bicentennial Man, but AI is evolving at an increasingly more rapid pace, fast becoming a powerful digital marketing tool deployed throughout both government and consumer markets worldwide. What makes this tech so successful? Its unique blend of technologies from predictive analysis to machine learning to natural language processing.

The secret to effective AI-powered solutions? Data. Netflix, for instance, can use our binge-watching habits to gather vast amounts of data on our viewing preferences to then make recommendations back to us, delivering a custom-made viewing experience tailored to our particular preferences.

Video Marketing

With the rise in smartphones, video marketing has never been easier to create and more widely available. Whenever we have a break whether at work or waiting for the bus, we pull out our smartphones and scroll through our feeds where we’re bombarded with smart, engaging video marketing ads that no longer act as just marketing, but pure entertainment too. Many viral videos perceived to be just that, are actually ads in themselves that have achieved mass exposure entirely organically. One of the most famous being The Dumb Ways To Die campaign made for a local Melbourne transport company, yet achieving international fame and glory.

The low production cost, yet high production value of using this digital technology makes it a bit of a no brainer digital marketing trend for 2019. Ironically the more amateur look and feel of these videos often add personality and charm to a brand, promoting a sense of transparency and humanising many multinational brands to reach an increasingly more cynical customer.

Chat Bots

With the social media market growing exponentially it makes sense that digital marketing trend centred around accessing these customers would be on the rise too. Chatbots are already used for many customer interactions on social media pages and feeds, this tech trend increasing in relevance and usefulness yearly. Beyond the traditional boundaries of frequently asked questions or scripted responses, progress is now being made in conversational interfaces to smooth out these interactions between bot and customer, personifying these online sales channels.

One such online personality is Casper the Insomnobot who is helping thousands of people worldwide battle the feelings of loneliness associated with insomnia. Casper simply acts as someone for insomniacs to talk too while the world is fast asleep. This bot highlights how if used creatively, digital tech can give comfort and offer a solution when other humans can’t. I mean let’s be honest, these guys aren’t battling with the same fatigue our partners or friends are who find themselves staying up with us into the wee hours of the night are. May as well delegate this job to them!

If you’re an insomniac or just plain curious, meet Casper here:

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